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Standard Assets

Standard Assets is a collection of scripts meant for quick prototyping of games. VRChat has included most of these within the whitelisted world components, meaning we can use them to build in our worlds. World builders have found many uses for Standard Asset scripts that are far from their intended use.

You can import Standard Assets into your project in two different ways. The first is within Unity by going to Assets/Import Package/ and selecting one of the available options. These will only show up if you installed Standard Assets when you installed Unity. If you did not install them with Unity, you can find it on the Unity download page (Windows install / Mac install). The other way is to download the entire collection from the Asset Store.


Standard assets is broken up into different sub packages. Each one is intended for a specific use, but can be used outside of this.

Package Description
2D Scripts useful for creating 2D games.
Cameras Scripts useful for controlling cameras
Characters Scripts useful for first and third person character controllers
Cross Platform Input Scripts meant for unifying input between different devices. This is not useful for VRChat world development.
Editor Does not need a page?
Effects ???
Environment ???
Fonts Does not need a page?
Particle Systems Different premade particle systems and scripts to go with them.
Physics Materials Does not need a page?
Prototyping Different geometry useful for prototyping the layout of your test worlds.
Utility Utility scripts that can be used in any game.
Vehicles Scripts used for making cars and airplanes.